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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Becoming a five star citizen

I was going to try and write something about my mate Phil Woolas' [1] latest nonsense but then I read Shazia Mirza's comment here and decided she says it beautifully.

Of course even if you don't really care about how new British Citizens get passports, it's worth thinking about what it might mean for anyone who is British born. If the kind of behaviour that is expected of someone undergoing naturalisation is going to be assessed, then how long before we all get assessed about how good we are as citizens. Maybe, in 10 years time, we'll have our identity cards with star ratings, a bit like McDonalds used to do for their staff. Citizen of the month?

Hmmm. How many stars do you think I'd lose for writing this?

[1] If I bothered to use tags on my posts it would be easy for you to chart the course of the friendship. Seeing as I don't, have a look here and here.


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