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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tags are so passé

A recent addition to the ever-widening scope of Community Sentencing involves issuing those convicted of a crime with a hi-visibility jacket emblazoned with the slogan "Community Payback".

The idea behind this latest governmental brainwave is presumably that the person forced to wear the jacket will consequently feel humiliated and to some extent (despite this probably being the case already) ostracised from society.

One problem. Much like tags, these hi-vis jackets are not seen as something inherently embarrassing and to be avoided at all costs, but are in fact the latest must-have item for the youth offender of today.

Those lucky enough to be presented with one instantly become the envy of their ASBO-toting mates. Unsurprisingly, there are now reports of style-hungry youths dishonestly appropriating said property belonging to the Probation Service with the intention of permanently depriving it of these bold fashion statements.

Which leaves one wondering: other than the most rationally-challenged of the Daily Mail’s readership, who in their right mind thought that this scheme would actually work ? ?


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