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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A long way for a short break

I can't decide what I find funnier. Tony Blair taking a two day trip to Sierra Leone to promote tourism in the country, or that the trip coincided with Independence Day.

Personally, I think his travel agent and his PR gave him bum advice.
Two days in Salone is barely enough to get to the airport and back.
And picking independence day to flaunt your power and 'heroic' status might not be the most appropriate moment.

For the record, I should add that without Tony Blair's encouragement of the intervention in Sierra Leone, I dread to think where that country would be. But I do wish he wouldn't dress up his little jaunts as something they're not.

Also, if anyone does fancy a trip, I would encourage it completely and I can recommend some great places to go. But I'd advise taking a little longer than two days, it really isn't worth the airfare (or the carbon footprint) just to get your feet dirty. And you probably won't get the Blair treatment.

Also, please don't misguidedly believe that this brief post is any indication of a future flurry of activity on this site. We're all being a bit rubbish at the moment. We'll get it sorted soon... hopefully...


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