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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How backward do you have to be to think that Boris Johnson's too contemporary?


Mark referred to this article, written by his old pal Boris Johnson, mayor of London, when he asks why the Supreme Leader is railing against Britain. It's not that Boris is smoking what Helene Cooper is smoking; it's more that the mayor commits the traditional Western political sin of seeing everything through a contemporary frame-of-reference.
Incidentally, Boris's article is as good an example as I've seen of the fact that, underneath the laziness and the foppery, Boris is one of the craftiest political operators ever. In one column, he manages to say how much Tories love Barack Obama's, send out some signals to people who are pissed off about BBC top-slicing ("a vindication of the BBC, and the principle of taxpayer-funded broadcasting"), sound excited about some vaguely defined "new technology" and still keep the Torygraph regulars happy by harping on about the great British Empire that was and how that nasty Jonathon Ross gets paid too much.


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