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Friday, May 04, 2007

Giuliani in weapons to Iran shock!

GOP presidential aspirants held their first debate last night in California, and if ex-New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani proved anything at all, it's that he's no student of history.

"[T]he mayor led the GOP pack in claiming to represent Reagan philosophies on issues from domestic policy to foreign policy, as when he argued that the leadership of Iran 'has to look in an American president's eyes, and he has to see Ronald Reagan.'"

Information Landmine is sure the Iranian leadership are dancing with collective glee at the very prospect, although Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega would be well-advised to watch his back. Oliver North is probably back on Tehran's speed-dial already.

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Blogger Uncle Petie said...

Brilliant. It is a little scary that anyone could deliver that line with a straight face. How is it that everyone still remembers Clinton and Lewinsky, but Iran-Contra is part of the collective American amnesia?

05 May, 2007 04:03  
Blogger Steve said...

Perhaps if Reagan had received a blowjob from Ayatollah Khomeini instead of selling weapons to him...

07 May, 2007 15:59  

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