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"The Americans keep telling us how successful their system is. Then they remind us not to stray too far from our hotel at night." - An un-named EU trade representative quoted during international trade talks in Denver, Colorado, 1997.

Friday, April 20, 2007

More chickens coming home to roost for Bush allies

Staff at the World Bank have now taken to wearing blue ribbons in a show of solidarity against the continued "leadership" of corrupt war criminal and hypocrite Paul Wolfowitz over the organization.

Wolfowitz, of course, made a great song and dance about the need to drive out corruption from Third World countries receiving development funds from the World Bank under his leadership. While the battle against corruption is a noble and worthy one, the irony of what Wolfowitz appears to have been up to behind the scenes is certainly a delicious one. But perhaps not all that surprising considering the role that he and his Republican cohorts have played in turning the once-proud United States of America into a kind of banana republic of its own over the past six-and-a-half years.

Information Landmine says: it couldn't happen to a nicer fella!

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