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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cranking up the right wing noise machine... again

While not a particular fan of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D - San Francisco), due mainly to her abject political cowardice in failing to drive forward the impeachment of the most corrupt and criminal members of arguably the most corrupt and criminal presidential administration of all-time, Information Landmine nevertheless finds her treatment by the GOP's noise machine to be a prime example of why the Republicans are entirely unworthy of office. Especially considering the irony of statements like that of Representative Adam Putnam (R - Florida):

"[A]ll of us in leadership, all of us in public service have an obligation to conduct ourselves in a way that brings honor and credit to the Houses and our voters."

A worthy sentiment. But does anyone remember Newt Gingrich? Dick Armey (probably the most aptly-named GOP politician ever)? Tom DeLay? As if those guys brought any sort of credit or honour to Congress and the country alike.

What is really ridiculous is that conservatives I speak to often deride those on the left for being "angry and divisive". While I would argue that anyone on the left who isn't angry isn't paying attention, nevertheless the "angry and divisive" charges are just a teeny bit rich coming from a conservative movement that has used a.m. radio and the rolling news talkshow circuit to amp up the anger and divisiveness to an unprecedented level over the last 20 years in particular.

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