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Sunday, June 27, 2010

More World Cup...

5:49 Watching with the Australian family. So the only people in the country who know less about this than me.

6:00 Granny: "He kicked it out on the full. Is he allowed to do that?"

11:45 Did you know that Schweinsteiger translates as "pig mounter"?

19:45 Because the country doesn't hate John Terry enough...

31:50 At this rate we're never going to be able to lose on penalties.

37:00 Or maybe we will.

38:30 Mum: "Even I can get upset about that."

Half time: It does strike me that we have been on the right side of the odd dodgy line call in World Cup games against Germany.

57:00 Does Steven Gerard think he gets three points for scoring outside the box or something?

66:00 Well that's that.

69:40 Or that is.

76:34 Grandpa does the sensible thing and falls asleep.

79:28 On the plus side, my sister's getting married next weekend, and now won't have to compete with this bunch of prima donnas for everyone's attention.

90:00 Maybe if Rob's got the time he could put together some sort of international football return on investment index. It'd be a very telling measure of the failure here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your grandpa had the right idea. Pick up tomorrow's tabloids to read any numper of explanations as to why England are out, my favourite hitherto is "we have too many foreigners playing in the Premier League". Send my congrats to your sister and give us a shout if you're down in London.


27 June, 2010 19:05  

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