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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bullshit Libertarians

This seems like an encouraging sign:

In yesterday’s Cato Unbound lefty economist Dean Baker sees the possibility for common ground between libertarians and progressive in fighting corporatism
IP is a pretty good litnus test of whether self-styled libertarians can walk the walk. Lots of people seem to be happy to call themselves libertarians when the issue is lowering their taxes and scrapping social safety nets, but they seem to go a bit quiter when issues of corporate welfare come up. This means that, in practice, as Roy Edrosso points out, "libertarian" ends up being what people call themselves when they're trying to get laid, and need to divert attention from the fact that the fact that they're conservatives.

So, for example, Tim Lee and Will Wilkinson - yes - Richard Epstein - meanwhile, seems to be operating on a pretty straightforward policy of "Freedom will be maximised if we consolidate power in the hands of as few companies as possible." Or something like that. Dick.



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