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"The Americans keep telling us how successful their system is. Then they remind us not to stray too far from our hotel at night." - An un-named EU trade representative quoted during international trade talks in Denver, Colorado, 1997.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why We Can't Believe In Change

Follow the money, and a potential Obama presidency looks more and more like just another case of "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

Sure, the handcart may slow down a little on its journey, but it still appears headed inexorably down the same one-way track with the same invisible hand at the controls. And, for those who hunger for real "change we can believe in", that is scant motivation to get out the vote for the Democratic candidate this election cycle.

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Blogger Uncle Petie said...

I'd have thought that in terms of getting people into voting booths, a quick look at the McCain/Palin combination should do the trick.

03 September, 2008 13:14  
Blogger Steve said...

Indeed, McCain's choice of running mate has certainly energized the Democratic base as well as the Republican one!

06 September, 2008 09:12  

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