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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It May Already Be Too Late, But...

... this campaign from The Nation magazine is worth supporting:

In an Open Letter posted today at and running in the next issue of the magazine, progressive supporters of Barack Obama urge him to stand firm on the principles he so compellingly articulated in his successful primary fight.

The letter praises the dramatic grassroots movement that has built up around Obama's candidacy, but expressed concern that he may be "moving away from the core commitments shared by many who have supported his campaign" and which are critical to maintaining that movement's energy and passion.

The Open Letter appears as the lead editorial in The Nation this week. It will be posted on a range of blogs and websites with an open call for more signatures. People are invited to sign on at

The letter lists ten positions of crucial importance to Obama's progressive base, including withdrawal from Iraq, a response to the current economic crisis that reduces the gap between rich and poor, universal health care, an ambitious climate change agenda, restoration of civil liberties, and commitments to abortion rights, racial equality and political reform.

Please join Phil Donahue, Barbara Ehrenreich, Studs Terkel, Walter Mosley, Gore Vidal, Bill McKibben, Jane Hamsher, Tom Hayden, Zephyr Teachout, Juan Cole, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Matt Stoller, Robert Greenwald, Howard Zinn and many others in signing this open letter which will be delivered to the Obama campaign before the Democratic National Convention begins on August 25.

Read the full letter and add your name today.

Needless to say, Information Landmine supports this effort wholeheartedly although remaining sceptical as to whether the candidate himself will simply take liberal and progressive voters for granted anyway.

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