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Monday, July 14, 2008

Pulling US Democracy Back From the Brink

Faced with ruthless GOP fascism on one side and cowardly Democratic collaboration on the other,'s Glenn Greenwald lays out the case for an urgent effort by Americans from across the political spectrum to unite to restore the rule of law and drag our Constitutional democracy back from the brink.

To quote Greenwald:

While there are substantial, important differences between Republicans and Democrats, critical political debates are at least as often driven not by the GOP/Democrat dichotomy, but by the split between the Beltway political establishment and the rest of the country... [A]ll of these assaults on our core civil liberties and the rule of law are not Republican attacks with Democrats fighting against them. They are attacks launched by the political establishment against the citizenry, and they ought to be responded to as such. That's the core premise of the Accountability Now/Strange Bedfellows campaign we've launched -- that these battles have to be waged by an ideologically diverse group of citizens devoted to a defense of the Constitution and the rule of law against a political establishment which has proven it is hostile to those values.

Hear hear! Information Landmine says this new organization deserves the support of all true US patriots of whatever stripe and anybody else concerned by the national descent into madness, barbarity and lawlessness over the past seven years.

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