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Monday, June 02, 2008

Oohh, I think I know the answer to this one!

John McCain explains why he thinks Obama's wrong about negotiation:

Senator Obama likes to refer to President Kennedy going to Vienna. Most historians see that as a serious mistake, which encouraged Khrushchev to build the Berlin Wall and to send missiles to Cuba. Another example is Richard Nixon going to China. I’ve forgotten how many visits Henry Kissinger made to China, and how every single word was dictated beforehand. More importantly, he went to China because China was then a counterweight to a greater threat, the Soviet Union. What is a greater threat in the Middle East than Iran today?

Uh, well, according to what you've been telling us for the past seven years, it's al Qaeda, no? Historically, these two have not been the best of pals, and if what you're mainly worried about is, in fact, al Qaeda, then does it seem too insane to suggest that you may actually find common cause with Iran on the matter? Something to talk about, maybe?

Of course, we should remember McCain's repeated attempts to muddy the distinction between the two here. If what you really want to do is bomb Iran, then it helps if you can tie them to the Republican party's favourite bogeyman. But that's no reason to listen to the man.


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