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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fascists Undermine U.S. Democratic Primaries

If further proof was ever required that the most rabid hardcore Republicans in the US have no respect for democracy or its values, one need only look to Rush Limbaugh's so-called 'Operation Chaos' for the latest example of the right's electoral sabotage of the democratic process.

The next time an American conservative commentator accuses anyone from the political center leftwards of acting in a "divisive" or even treasonous manner, consider who really is threatening the republic by openly stoking discord amongst society at a time of grave national peril and then bragging about it over the national airwaves.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting assessment, but this is not the first time this phenomenon has taken place in the current primary season - The Daily Kos suggested the very same tactic in January.

are they also 'Fascists' who are 'threatening the republic by openly stoking discord'? I've scanned the IL archive but can find no mention.

clarification would be appreciated.

20 May, 2008 08:48  

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