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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I would pay money to watch that Primary

Apropos of nothing except that I really need to stop wasting my time looking at right-wing blogs (and American wing blogs at that), I found this comment by one of Ross Douthat's readers much, much better than the post that inspired it. The topic is under what conditions the Republicans could explode as a political coalition:

One intriguing and rather sci-fi possibility is if biotechnology, or the interaction of technology and the human body and the environment more broadly, becomes a much more salient issue down the road. I could imagine one party becoming much more protectionist and preservationist (anti-globalization, anti-abortion, anti-genetics, pro-union, pro-religion) while the other becomes much more quote-unquote libertarian, no matter what (pro-business, lightly anti-state, pro-genetic manipulation [even in humans], pro-gay rights, globalist, pro-immigration, MOR secularist).

Green Huckabites vs. Dawkinsite Free-traders? How 'bout it?

Someone tell Charles Stross to get to work on it.

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