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"The Americans keep telling us how successful their system is. Then they remind us not to stray too far from our hotel at night." - An un-named EU trade representative quoted during international trade talks in Denver, Colorado, 1997.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where's the love?

Britain is now, apparently the world's arm's dealer of choice. We used to be stuck down in sixth, but we've now hit the top spot, thanks in large part to contracts with Saudi Arabia. From the FT:

Lord Jones, trade and investment minister, said: “As demonstrated by this outstanding export performance, the UK has a first class defence industry with some of the world’s most technologically sophisticated companies.”

Ian Godden, chief executive of the Society of British Aerospace Companies, said: “We are proud that the UK defence industry remains a world leader. This success is built on investment made in the 1990s and, if we are to continue to reap these economic benefits in the future, this investment will need to be maintained.”

Seems a little ungracious of these folk not to give a big shout-out to Tony Blair and Lord Goldsmith. If you're going to ask the government for more hand-outs, surely you should at least acknowledge some of the services already rendered.


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