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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Powder keg

I've been amazed at how lightly McCain has got off from his idiocy in Jordan at the BBC. It's not like they've been short of primary coverage, and both Clinton and Obama have had their trickier moments held under the microscope, though. The questions addressed there, though (Is his pastor a bit of a radical? Is she fabricating her "experience" record?) seem infinitely less important than the one that his al Qaeda/Shia militia raises - does this man even understand the basic contours of the problem in Iraq. Given that even he says this is the one thing he really knows about, does he understand any of the stuff you'd expect a president to have a grasp on.

In fact, the British media has generally been pretty lax about this. I found a small article in the Guardian, focusing on the "Dems jump on McCain gaffe" angle of this, rather than the more worrying "US Presidential nominee enthusiastic for wars he knows nothing about" aspect, which seems to me the important bit.

Does no-one care that the Republican nominee looks like he could start WWIII through a combination of aggression and ignorance? Happily, the ft is on the case.

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