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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Fantasy Cabinet, anyone?

My heart has sunk so many times over the last few days that I'm not sure it's worth picking it up again... first the exit poll, then the real result that looked frighteningly like the exit poll that none of us believed could be true. And then Nick Clegg said it was the Tories right to have the first bash...

Smart move there. The noble thing, the morally right thing. The wrong thing for Britain, but the right thing to do. Damn him for being a better person than I would be. Doesn't solve the problem of leadership though.

Labour didn't win the election because we don't believe Gordon Brown deserves to be prime minister.
Conservative didn't win because David Cameron simply should not be prime minister.
Lib Dem didn't win because we don't believe Nick Clegg can be prime minister.

And now, we're stuck with having to find one who's not even going to have authority on his side of the room. The government is fucked.

Given that, maybe we should live in an idealistic world, just for a second... the next months, possibly years are going to be a nightmare. The job is an impossible one. So why not just throw caution to the wind and do something a little bit crazy...

I suggest, make Caroline Lucas PM.

Now come on, bear with me... she can't be any worse than the rest of them. Think about it. We need someone to arbitrate, bring people together, find a common ground and a way through. Why not her? She has so little to lose. Yes she lacks experience, but don't they all? Stick a good cabinet behind her and it could be alright.

Make Vince Cable Chancellor (obviously), leave David Miliband as Foreign Secretary, and stick a couple of decent Tories in around Education and Health and Transport and Rural affairs and things like that where they can't do too much harm. Cameron might have to have the dep's position, Clegg could go in as home sec, and Brown, should bow out gracefully and take Mandelson with him and Hague too whilst he's at it. The rest would fall into shape with a good balance of skills and experience and political allegiance.

Have a bash, see what happens, let them all have a really good go and sneak in a bit of electoral reform. Call another general election early in the new year and I bet we'll have a decent majority then.

It could work you know, and at this point, what have they got to lose?


Blogger Robert said...

I say we live things as they are, and build on this lack of consensus to roll back the state, with some exceptions. We shouldn't live education and health to the tories, they'd have us paying school fees and health insurance. Why won't you think of the children?

09 May, 2010 22:05  
Blogger Jayne said...

Leave things as they are as in stick with Gordy and the dark lord?
You'll not be getting many points in the fantasy cabiney with that kind of formation...

09 May, 2010 22:40  
Blogger Uncle Petie said...

Frodo Baggins for PM!

12 May, 2010 16:23  

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