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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All your money is belong to my moustache!

Ok people,

I've been bullied into signing on for Movember.

For those of you too lazy to click through on the link, the basic idea is for the month of November, I will grow some facial hair, and you will all part with your money to sponsor me.

Now I know what you're thinking: "PAY for Pete to have crap facial hair in November? We get that for free year round. What sort of suckers does he take us for?"

Well I'm not going to answer the last bit of that question until I'm holding your hard-earned cash. But I can offer you at least two reasons for paying for my facial growth.

In the first place, it's for charity. Prostate cancer to be exact. Which is, apparently, the number one cancer for men in the UK. As a man, I say "Down with this sort of thing", and I hope you'll join me.

More importantly, however, I will not be cultivating any old lip slug. What you are going to see, from me, good people, is a full-on, lovingly groomed, no-expense-spared imitation of the spectacular (though I suspect prosthetic) effort sported by Al Swearengen (no stranger to prostate trouble himself) in Deadwood (Not all that Safe For Work, but pretty tame by the standards of the show)

Or as close as I can get to it in the permitted one month of growing time, anyway.

I also believe the idea is for me to keep some sort of documentary evidence of the growth on a blog, so you can check to see that you really are subjecting me to the indignity that you paid for, as is your right.

So now, the full facts having come to light, I'm guessing that what you're thinking is, "How can we give money to this noble cause?"

Glad you asked. You can donate by either:

Clicking this link
and donating online using your credit card or PayPal account, or Writing a cheque payable to ‘The Prostate Cancer Charity Re: Movember', referencing my Registration Number 1627561 and mailing it to:

The Prostate Cancer
First Floor Cambridge
100 Cambridge Grove
London W6 OLE

How easy is that?

Pictures of the 'tache will be posted to this blog on a weekly basis from November 1st. Just in case it fails to reach the required proportions in the alloted time, I may also use that time to post various Deadwood themed items, so as you not be denied all the moustache action you so richly deserve.

Update: Careful, if belated, research informs me that the McShane 'tache is in fact 100% real. I unreservedly retract my careless allegations and apologise profusely for any distress or loss of reputation this may have caused Mr. McShane or his family.

Powers Boothe, though. That's gotta be a fake.


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