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"The Americans keep telling us how successful their system is. Then they remind us not to stray too far from our hotel at night." - An un-named EU trade representative quoted during international trade talks in Denver, Colorado, 1997.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dogs and Cats, living together...

Now you can expect the Guardian to start coming out with articles about the death of capitalism, but when the FT (the Lex column, no less!) starts coming out with stuff like this, I start wondering if we all shouldn't be sharpening our scythes for the coming Armageddon. Maybe they just feel they have to start hitting the panic buttons harder if they want to get the bail-out through the hard-core of Republicans who are blocking it.

What is going on with that, by the way? Those guys sure picked a funny time to start taking a stance of principal. Is the plan just to make a lot of noise so that, when the plan fails (which you'd have to think was a good possibility), they can build the party anew on a big platform of "We told you so"? Or is this some plan to keep up McCain's idea that politics as we know it has been suspended and we all just need to listen to him (why is the guy who said he doesn't know about Wall Street suddenly the man you need in a crisis anyway?)

Anyway, as you ponder all this, consider the possibility that this idiot could end up presiding over the whole thing:

Update: Hmmm, seems to have been taken off youtube. Anyway, the thrust of the thing was that Palin talking to Katie Couric, and sounding more than a little like an International Relations student who hasn't done the reading for her seminar but hopes she can blag it anyway.

And that they seem to be moving US troops onto US soil for the first permanent deployment since the civil war. Just in case... what exactly?

Charlie Stross muses about what it might all mean.

Update: Political Betting puts forward the idea that this is just McCain's way of keeping the "maverick" persona alive and differentiating himself from Bush.


Blogger Steve said...

The Consequence Management Response Force: coming to a street near you, Americans!

26 September, 2008 17:33  

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