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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Courage and Cowardice

It's a shame that, with the exception of the Dixie Chicks and punks like Fat Mike and Jello Biafra that nobody in the mainstream listens to, it seems to have fallen to a previous generation of musicians to tell it like it is about our fascist regime:

One sign of hope, however, is that this stuff actually appeared on CBS and NBC, which wouldn't have happened a few years ago when the Bush regime was in its ascendancy. No doubt, though, it will still be labelled by the usual suspects as "a cowardly attack on America/the troops/the 'Commander-in-Chief'/etc.".

On another note, the great Alexei Sayle once remarked on the bitter irony that mainstream Hollywood's "courageous" stand against the Vietnam war, as evidenced by films like Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and Platoon, only happened years after the war itself had ended. Information Landmine expects a similar avalanche of films illustrating the pointless madness of the Iraq misadventure to begin appearing circa 2013. Stock up on the popcorn in a few years' time.

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