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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Catching Up With The News, Item #2: From The Same People Who Brought You The Iraq War...

Yes, your correspondent is back once again, digesting the information and stories that matter before regurgitating them back up for your intellectual nourishment, like some kind of mother news owl lovingly nurturing its young.

Hate them or, well, hate them, you've got to hand it to those vile henchmen of capitalism at the American Enterprise Institute, as well as their paymasters at ExxonMobil, for the sheer audacity and shamelessness with which they pursue their naked self-interest at the expense of the collective future of literally everyone and everything else on the planet. Presumably they'll be tucked up safely in Aspen with a year's supply of caviar and Dom Perignon while everyone else breaks out the sandbags and the bailing buckets, because they've just offered a series of US$10,000 awards - plus travel expenses and the possibility of further funding - for those maverick scientists and economists (read: unscrupulous quacks) willing to publicly refute the scientific conclusions behind this week's landmark (or should that soon be seamark?) report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

At a time when even Wal-Mart appears ready to take action to help fight a problem considered to be a bigger threat than international terrorism, such a blatant attempt to foster public doubt about the reality of global climate change would merely be tragi-comic were it not for the fact that the oil gangsters in the Bush Administration are busy trying to achieve much the same objective, only via censorship of environmental research by US government scientists rather than through straight-up cash bribes.

The AEI and the Bush Administration are, of course, the same people who are still insisting that the "path to victory" in Iraq is there for all to see if only all those liberal defeatists and, er, bipartisan commissions and career military men would just shut up and watch the side of said path for possible IED's.

All of which goes to show just how delusional and out of touch the right has become at the end of a four-decade cycle of power. Still, if they succeed with this latest cynical and dangerous scheme, it will be best to book those swimming lessons soon!


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