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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Political heckling now a terrorist activity

Just checked out the BBC round-up of what the papers say about the interference with John Reid's good parenting guide. The general thrust of all this is that this sort of thing really shouldn't be allowed, and is a sign of the dreadful terrorist menace that daily stalks this fair isle. The Mail, The Express and The Telegraph again show their thorough understanding of how those democratic values they claim to love so much really work.

For those who managed to miss all this, some guy by the name of Abu Izadeen started yelling at John Reid words to the effect that he was presiding over a police state, that Muslim's were being treated like second class citizens. Now whether you'd agree with him or not, you'd have to agree that this is a valid political point of view, and that the best thing to do in a democracy would be to make it known and available for discussion. Possibly to a politician. Which is what he did. Coincidentally, Dr. Reid's speech touched on how it would be more useful for Muslim's who didn't like the system to engage in the political process, rather than going round blowing shit up. Again, a valid point. Sadly, Dr. Reid had the guy bundled out of there as fast as possible so that he could continue with his stage-managed performance in which he came out with the startlingly obvious (and thus rather insulting) suggestion that any parents who think that their kids are being radicalised should probably do something about it before their offspring atomise themselves along with whoever was unlucky enough to be near them at the time. So that's a powerful message to all those peaceful Muslim protestors out there.


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